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    I am on a Galaxy S3 (JB 4.3) using Verizon 4G.
    I've decided to move away from GoSMS (I have uninstalled it) and try Handcent, but I have a problem with Group Messages.

    When I reply to a group message that I was included in, my sent messages shows up on my screen for each person. Example: I am part of a 3 person group message (Sender and 2 recipients). When I reply, I see MY message show up twice on the screen: one to the Sender and one to the other recipient. GoSMS would tell me that it sent 2 messages and show just my text. How do I make Handcent do this? I don't need to see what I said multiple times. I have looked in every setting and searched the web for over an hour.
    Any advice on a setting to stop the same outgoing message to stop showing up on my screen?
    04-15-2014 07:56 AM

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