1. Nebilim's Avatar
    hey guys, I downloaded the album art grabber by Tim Clark to work with Doubletwist/Meridian. my problem is i have many soundtracks (ie halo CE, Halo 2...etc. many games) but it keeps only pulling up one and pasting it on all of the other soundtracks in the same series. is there a way to actually make the apps (doubletwist, meridian..etc) to pick a custom album art for it to view and how to name the picture etc. sorry for the n00by question. thanks for any help
    10-01-2010 01:54 PM
  2. TJH132's Avatar
    Open Album Art Grabber. Select the album whose art you want to change. Select among the options for cover art sources (Last.fm, MusicBrainz, or Gallery). Choose the appropriate cover. All done.

    If Last.fm and MusicBrainz don't have a suitable cover, just make your own by downloading the image from, say, Amazon, saving it to your phone and using the Gallery option to find it. Worked great for me. Make sure the art is perfectly square or it won't work.

    10-02-2010 01:00 AM