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    Exercise your brain and become into a Monster Math!

    - Challenge your friends and become the strongest monster!
    - Play in our four game modes: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and all in one.
    - Choose one of three levels (easy, normal, hard) and performs the highest number of operations within the time set for each level.
    - Get Results: Number of correct answers, number of errors, percentage of effectiveness and Monstrosity level.
    - Save your results to see your progress and compare it with your friends.
    - Check the top 10 of the highest historical scores! will you achieve to situate within that classification?
    - Levels:

    1 -. TITAN
    2 -. PHOENIX
    3 -. DRAGON
    4 -. KRAKEN
    5 -. VAMPIRE
    6 -. WEREWOLF
    7 -. MINOTAUR
    8 -. CYCLOPS
    9 -. ZOMBIE

    - Monster Math is a game that tests your skills and helps you improve!
    - SOUND FX Click the monster and feel the fear!
    - Because of its levels is an apt game for any age.
    - Its FREE!

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    04-16-2014 11:01 AM

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