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    HI!, Kinda new here, I was here when i bought my first Android phone, This might have been asked before, but Since i am planning to ask for more than one type of game, I thought it be best to ask in one Thread.

    All the games I request here, I would like them to be OFFLINE playable, since many games have the ALWAYS online thing, which is good for those with unlimited DATA, but Sadly I dont have such a thing on my phone, limited to 500mb per month, so I cant waste it for ONLINE only games. I've spent the last week looking for good OFFLINE games on PLAYSTORE but the better ones requires a DATA connection to play it even if they dont feature anything online.

    Puzzle/RPG style games like Puzzle Quest!(I bought this game when i had a Blackberry and loved it, have it for DS as well)
    -Would like it to have a LVL up system to pick what Attack or Counter I can do to the enemy.
    -Brief Story, nothing ala Final Fantasy, but at least a story to keep me motivated.
    Action/RPG- similar to to Vector for action and have RPG element.
    Anime Style/Action or RPG(or both)
    -IF its anime base, even better, cause I have seen plenty of jpn games in youtube, specially GUNDAM and ONEPIECE
    games, but they arent found in the store.
    Movie Quiz, I am a movie fanatic, love watching them and talking about them, so i tried a few games about guessing the movie by its poster or main character, or seeing 2 or 4 pictures to guess the movie, they are phone, but either to short or to limited.

    Thanks for the help, sorry if someone posted something similar, also, remember please, all games must be playable OFFLINE and if POSSIBLE FREE, if not, then cheaply priced :P thanks.
    04-16-2014 07:57 PM

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