1. gretchie35@aol.com's Avatar
    can you someone please help me I just recently purchased the samsung fasincate and downloaded ping chat on on the phone..but then i returned it (which now I am hating why I did that because I sooo loved that phone so much better but back to the issure )and then got the droid x..again downloaded ping on there..the problem is that every i try and "start pinging it is is not allowing me..(it is saying phone number already signed to a ping chat user so it is not letting me ping because of this nor is it telling me anything else to do so i can begin ping i have tried to read everywhere to see if someone can help me and I hope that I found the right place for this concern is there any advice or help you give me so i can start pinging again..havent been able to since I go the new droid phone Thanks So Much, Gretchen
    10-01-2010 08:31 PM