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    OpenSSL Library Heartbleed vulnerability scanner
    Heartbleed Security Scanner is used to scan your Android device and applications for OpenSSL Heartbleed vulnerabilities. It can be also used as a tool to let you check if external websites in the real world are vulnerable or not.

    What is the Heartbleed vulnerablity?
    Heartbleed is a software flaw in the OpenSSL “Heartbeat” function that helps keep secure connections alive. This function was found to be vulnerable to manipulation in a way that allows an attacker to steal up to 64K of data at a time from the active memory of affected systems. The bug, found by researchers from Codenomicon and Google, and filed with the following reference number – CVE-2014-0160, impacts any infrastructure that includes the affected versions of OpenSSL.

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    The best solution for Android Users.

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    Download from here.

    04-18-2014 11:50 AM

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