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    I recently released an App to the Play Store called "Zooper Wear".
    It's essentially a skin for Zooper Pro designed to look like Android Wear.

    [NEW APP] - Zooper Wear - Android Wear on your phone-rjv3am3.png

    What sets Zooper Wear apart from other Zooper skins & other Android Wear-like Zooper skins, is that it uses Tasker to provide Notifications.
    There are other Zooper skins that provide Notifications, however, only the 3 "basic" ones - SMS/GMail/Calls.
    Thanks to Tasker though, Zooper Wear provides Notifications for nearly 20 commonly used Apps!

    The basic setup is:
    1) Install Zooper Pro
    2) Install Tasker Pro & enable it in Accessibility Services
    3) Download my Tasker settings
    4) Import my Tasker settings into your Tasker
    5) Enable each of my Tasker tasks
    6) Install Zooper Wear
    7) Add a Zooper Widget & set it to one of Zooper Wear's templates

    If you don't want it to track all the Apps it can, you can either delete or modify the asset within Zooper.
    More in depth setup.

    Zooper Wear Play Store listing
    Zooper Wear Google+ Community
    After joining the Community, you can Become a Tester

    I'm open to requests/suggestions, so please let me know what you think!
    04-27-2014 06:22 PM

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