1. FractalSphere's Avatar
    So for now, it's both a waiting game for us, and it's a race to see who comes out with a viable phone-to-phone and PC-to-phone app.

    In no particular order with rambling thoughts.

    1. Fring. When using Skype on the back-end was great, briefly. If Fring ported through Google or even Yahoo video chatting, I'd still be all over it. Fring native video chat just didn't cut it.
    2. Tango. Recently released, but the app itself is buggy and needs to mature. A good newcomer.
    3. Skype. Newly released crippleware only allows WiFi calls in the US (so much for 'mobile' cellular technology) and NO video calling.
    4. iMovicha. Haven't tried it myself but have heard forum posts and reports that it's choppy audio.
    5. Qik. Not bad overall, but on the EVO video images were compressed (short and wide). Qik doesn't have a large enough user base, and their support is generally non-existent.

    ...am I missing any major players?
    10-05-2010 09:05 AM
  2. EvilMonkey's Avatar
    Until I can do a video call from my phone to a PC, I'm not really interested. And preferably this would be Skype since literally everyone I would use it with uses Skype (I don't want to talk the grandparents into installing and configuring another application).
    10-05-2010 09:11 AM
  3. FuManChuu's Avatar
    Smoke skype, how about some Google Talk integration? There is virtually no way it won't be ready by the time Gingerbread hits... I'm just surprised they didn't have it out earlier.

    All these new frontfacing camera devices going to waste...
    10-05-2010 11:16 AM
  4. SeeK's Avatar
    Again, Skype's lack of 3G calling in the US is most likely Verizon's fault, not Skype's. Skype did accept the deal though, so I guess it's on both their shoulders.

    My bet is still on Skype, but I wouldn't be surprised if Google released a new magnificent piece of software that'll give us video calling. You never know.
    10-05-2010 11:19 AM
  5. EvilMonkey's Avatar
    On Foxnews Today:
    FOXNews.com - Why You Need a Smartphone: Video Calls

    Just a bit out of date:
    The $200 HTC Evo on Sprint's 4G network for example, has a front-facing camera for making video calls using Fring software. It allows you to make video calls over the cell phone connection or Wi-Fi. Better still, you can place calls to Skype users. The video quality can be poor to fair, depending on the reliability of the connection, but it can also be mesmerizing: "Look where I'm standing!"
    10-05-2010 12:35 PM