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    Want to remember what happened today? With this application you can rate every day in your life!

    Rate Your Day with:
    5 stars - exteremely lucky day
    4 stars - nice day
    3 stars - ordinary day
    2 stars - not very good day
    1 stars - umm, we hope you won't get those ones often!

    You also can add a short Twitter-style comment to your day.

    Compare your day rating with others users. If you believe in horoscopes, you may find it interesting to compare your daily rating with other signs of the Zodiac. If you don't care, simply check out other people comments and daily overage rating. Press 'Menu' button on this screen, to view your History aka your microblog.

    Tell your friends about your day! You can share day status to Twitter, Facebook and other social networks.

    More screenshots...

    All data is stored on the web, so if you delete application and then re-install it again, nothing will be lost. However you can still use application without internet access if you want so.

    This is completely free application with no ads.

    Permissions explanation and privacy disclaimer:
    • Read Phone State - for identifiying your phone by IMEI
    • Internet - for sending your day rating to the web

    Rate Your Day needs your birthday date and IMEI. Other personal information is not required.

    • Keeps history of your days
    • Displays overall average day rate
    • Displays average day rate per sign of the Zodiac
    • Displays other people's comments
    • Allows to edit day rating and comment anytime
    • Comes with user friendly interface

    Minimum Requirements:
    • Android 1.6

    Price: Free, no ads

    10-05-2010 01:22 PM