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    Dear Community,
    we would like to present you a project in that we have invested and will continue to invest a lot of time and passion.

    Achat is an instant messenger that values usability and an appealing design on one side and security and privacy on the other side. It is currently available for Android in the Google Play Store and will soon be released for Desktop operating systems (Windows, OS X, GNU/Linux) as well as iOS.

    Achat Messenger - Simple. Secure. Social.-zxfaxai.png Achat Messenger - Simple. Secure. Social.-n9hizqm.png Achat Messenger - Simple. Secure. Social.-um4u3kw.png

    Google Play: https://forums.androidcentral.com/e?...token=k3MVnHRP
    (Android 4.0 and upwards, requires Google Play Services)

    • End-to-end encryption: All your messages are encrypted with 4096-bit RSA and 256-bit AES to ensure nobody except for you and your conversation partners can read them.
    • Chat history synchronization between devices: Your entire chat history is available on all your devices, without compromising your security in any way.
    • Sending pictures and other media: You can send pictures and other media fully encrypted without having to fear for your privacy.
    • Group chats
    • Voice calls
    • Customizable profiles

    A registration is not required. As soon as you launch Achat for the first time, a keypair that represents your identity is automatically generated. Afterwards, you can start right away.

    Conversations using Achat are encrypted locally and decrypted on your conversation partners’ devices. That means that a third party has no way to record or wiretap a conversation held over Achat, no matter whether said third party is a spy, a government agency or even the Achat developers.

    Achat has a simple design and is easy to use. All important functions can be accessed with only a few taps.

    Technical Background:
    The messages are encrypted with the AES-CBC algorithm using a key size of 256 bit. The identification of the users is being done using 4096 bit RSA key pairs, which are also used to negotiate an AES key. The encrypted messages are then transmitted to the recipient using a secure HTTPS connection to our servers.

    A comment by the developers:
    Now, you’re probably wondering: Why Achat? Well, nowadays, the users are more concerned about their security that ever before. This is why numerous messenger trying to fulfill the desire for security have suddenly emerged. Sadly, the need for a rich feature set and a design that appeals the user is often ignored. And that’s what we’re trying to fix. Your security is our top priority. Your comfort is our desire. Innovation and revolution are our hopes for the future. To reach these goals, we will spare no time and effort. We take our users criticism very seriously and try to implement our users suggestions as fast and accurately as possible. We would be very happy if you honor our efforts by trying out Achat and, in case you liked it, recommending it to your friends. For the bigger our user base is, the more people we will be able to provide with the convenient and secure communication experience that everyone deserves.

    In hopes that we will soon be able to welcome you as a new user,
    Your Achat team
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    this app is sending for the messages
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    Install my app in android this is very good app
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