1. raven4cz's Avatar
    may I ask you for trying my app and send me a feedback if possible. Also I'll be grateful for rating on Google Play.


    * nice introductory tutorial
    * nice UI, intuitive UI
    * highly customizable - colors, toolbar buttons, list/row layouts, fullscreen mode
    * single or dual panel view
    * multiple row/grid layouts
    * color customization, color highlighting of files
    * selection on tap, by ext, selection between 2 points! or with dialog
    * storage analysis
    * bookmarks, directory history
    * advanced picture viewer with capability to browse/show pictures in ZIP, thumbnails
    * internal text viewer, music player with equalizer
    * file finder
    * file transfer over Bluetooth (if device supports BT)
    * log viewer
    * individual folder settings
    * ZIP support - u can browse ZIP archives (incl. picture preview), ImageViewer can browse/view pictures in ZIP archives
    * direct access to Application manager, Task manager and Power status directly from MKC
    * FTP, SMB, experimental root functions
    * English, Russian, Czech localization so far
    * detailed Help page

    05-05-2014 06:15 AM

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