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  • drag-and-drop with multi-select

    2 100.00%
  • continuous zoom

    0 0%
  • adjustable colors and sizes with real-time apply, glow effects

    0 0%
  • multi-touch-support (pane-arrangement, color picker...)

    0 0%
  • search with using results while finding

    1 50.00%
  • progress dialogs, abort all operations instantly

    0 0%
  • ZIP features

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Multiple Choice Poll.
  1. gslnr's Avatar
    New version 1.2 of ScaliCommander is available:

    - Search: browse results while searching, sort while searching, search inside ZIP, filter by file type
    - long-click for context menu, long-click / double-click for drag-select
    - color gradients and glow
    - drag-and-drop with multiple items, clipboard, trash
    - ...

    Contribution Challenge, first round: 5 * 1000

    - Discover the features
    --> find out why ScaliCommander is the most advanced file manager for a mobile device and consider how it can get even better

    - Contribute your way
    --> find bugs
    --> make videos/screenshots/tutorials/... to show the features
    --> compile the best color themes
    --> suggest features
    --> ...
    --> whatever YOU think helps most to improve ScaliCommander!
    send your contributions to

    - Get rewarded
    --> make ScaliCommander known - rate it on the market, post a comment, report about it in forums,
    --> ...When the full version of ScaliCommander hits 10,000 downloads, gslngr Soft will reward the 5 best contributions with 1000 each!

    see the website for details and updates
    10-06-2010 04:17 PM
  2. gslnr's Avatar
    - progress bars for search
    - drag-and-drop for clipboard
    - create ZIP from items in clipboard
    - show/hide hidden items via settings menu
    - many fixes and improvements
    10-07-2010 08:16 PM
  3. gslnr's Avatar
    ScaliCommander's website is now updated with detailed descriptions of the new features and more infos about the contribution challenge, and a "known issues" section has been added - if you find bugs, please report them to, they will then be listed there along with possible workarounds. If you opt for, your name will be listed.

    As you will notice, the screenshots and videos are outdated, so a good first contribution to the challenge might be screenshots, videos, and color themes - the next version may include some predefined themes for quicker adjustment.
    10-08-2010 01:07 PM
  4. antonio's Avatar
    Thank you for sharing. Very useful!
    10-09-2010 07:05 PM
  5. gslnr's Avatar
    - bookmarks
    - select span with double-tap, auto-scroll, in list- and icon-view
    - arrange items in bookmarks and playlists with drag-and-drop, multi-select, auto-scroll, in list- and icon-view
    - preview for create, arrange, play back playlists
    - fix for color-select
    10-10-2010 08:13 PM
  6. gslnr's Avatar
    the website is now updated with a description of the new features of version 1.2.3 an a better summary of the

    most noteworthy features of ScaliCommander:
    • drag-and-drop with multi-select for file-operations, playlist-editing
    • continuous zoom in list- and gallery-view
    • adjustment of all colors and sized with real-time apply
    • unrivaled search with browse, sort, copy results while finding
    • unique multi-touch support for pane-layout, color-selection
    • solid file-management, e.g. move, copy, zip/unzip large/many files with detailed dialogs, abort operations at any time
    10-11-2010 06:31 AM
  7. gslnr's Avatar

    iTunes-like audio playback for folders and playlists, seek without screech, full featured music player in the next version very soon now!

    already usable as folder-based music player (also the free trial version!), edit playlists with drag-and-drop, multi-select while playing - see the website for instructions!
    12-11-2010 06:59 AM
  8. gslnr's Avatar
    important features for audio playback:
    - easier seek, fine volume adjust (via the context-menu of the play-control)
    - support for headset controls (double-click for next song, long-click for previous one), background playback with status bar notification, pause at incoming calls and headset unplug
    12-14-2010 07:59 AM
  9. gslnr's Avatar
    Highly improved new version with iTunes-like music-player functionality

    • full support for the android music-library: edit playlists with drag-and-drop, sort songs by name/album/artist/year, browse albums in "Cover Flow"
    • integration of music library and file system: drag songs from folder to library-playlist, open songs from library in file system...
    • options to select what details to show: icons, extensions, size, permissions, time modified (also as "ago")
    • improved drag-and-drop
    • many fixes and improvements
    12-28-2010 06:03 PM