1. rmeden's Avatar
    Does anyone know of a sync tool that can download files from a PC and delete local files that are no longer on the PC?

    Every file sync tool I looked at just adds files to the local device or worse, copies it to the PC if it gets deleted there.

    I currently have a folder on my PC that keeps the last 3 episodes of certain TV shows. I would like to sync that with my phone nightly. When I watch a show (on phone or elsewhere) I'll delete it from the media center and I want that delete to propagate to the phone.

    I currently do this with a Zune, but would be nice to have it all on the phone. I can play the video files just fine and use rsync via USB but I'd like it to be wireless and automatic.

    Any ideas? Do I need to create yet another Sync tool or is there something I missed in the market.

    10-06-2010 04:59 PM