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    If your phone memory is getting overtly filled with old images and you do not wish to delete any of your memorable pictures, you need to install Photo Grid Android application, right away. Old images do take up a lot of space in our phone memory. However, this wonderful photograph application helps you to make photo collage and bring your old images into life. Image editing never got easier. This image application helps you to save a lot of your phone memory by making a photo collage with your old pictures. Now you can click images on any special occasion and create a photo collage of the moment. You can forward the collage to your friends and share it on any social media site. Make your friends relive those past moments and let them realize that you still cherish every bit of the occasion on which the photos were clicked.
    Save phone space by assembling old images into photo collage-photogrid.gif
    05-14-2014 08:09 AM