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    [APP][1.6+][FREE] Loan Calculator-kwallet.png

    Loan Calculator helps you to calculate monthly payment, interest or loan amount. It allows to create payment schedule and to plan advanced repayment.
    Features of this app:
    - Calculate monthly payment depends on loan amount.
    - Calculate loan amount depends on necessary monthly payment.
    - The possibility of calculating repayment schedule, with the option of calculating interest: daily or monthly.
    - The possibility of reflecting on the schedule early redemption amounts with the option of converting the further repayment schedule: decreasing the loan term or decreasing the monthly payment.
    - The possibility of choosing any date of loan.
    - The possibility of saving current calculations and loading previously saved.
    - The possibility of changing language: Settings -> Language

    Using this app you can track repayment of your personal or car loans, or mortgage.

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