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    Rev0lucian Here,
    Built an app thats getting good ratings lately.

    If you are a designer that is worried about how your design looks to people who are colorblind, Enliven supports a simulation for the 6 most common types of colorblindness (Red Blind being the most common)

    The best example I can give of this is the following image

    As you can see the person taking this colorblindness test would probably get the answer wrong unless they were extremely lucky.

    If you are Colorblind... you will love this app! Enliven has a Colorblind Aid for all 6 types of colorblindness. The same colorblind test shown above can be passed by turning on the colorblind aid and adjusting the sensitivity.

    The colors in the example are processed, then a bright blue overlay is placed on colors that you are deficient to. This will help you tell which colors are which.

    Also we are very responsive to feedback. Let us know what type of features you would like to see in the application and send us an email to the one listed in Android Market!
    10-07-2010 02:33 PM