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    Hello everybody,

    I'm an independent developer making android games for all on smartphones and tablets.

    I'd like to introduce my third game called Bad Bird.

    Here is the link to Google Play Store:

    Here are a few screenshots:
    Bad Birds - New indy game-icon512_2.png
    Bad Birds - New indy game-screenshot_2014-05-08-12-39-14.jpg
    Bad Birds - New indy game-screenshot_2014-05-08-12-39-23.jpg
    Bad Birds - New indy game-screenshot_2014-05-08-12-41-19.jpg
    Bad Birds - New indy game-screenshot_2014-05-08-12-41-27.jpg
    Bad Birds - New indy game-screenshot_2014-05-08-12-40-37.jpg

    Here is the description:
    Spring is finally here! Flowers are flooding the landscape with thousands of colors, the sun is shining, people are happy, the birds are singing, it's already the cherry season. But what is it up there in the cherry trees? Oh no, these are "bad birds" devouring the beautiful red cherries so desired.

    Save the beautiful cherries before the bad birds eat them all. To help you, you own a bird detector and a water jet to drive them out, but your time is limited. Drive away all the birds in a minimum of time without wasting water to win the gold medal through 100 challenging levels.

    How to play:
    To begin, slide your finger to find the bad birds hidden in the cherry tree and look at the bird detector on top left corner. Red, then orange, then yellow and finally green when you find a bird. When the bird detector is green, push the water jet button on the top right corner and drive away that bird. Drive them all away before the end of the timer to win the level. Make it quick and don't miss a shot to get a gold medal in each level.

    Have fun with the new game of Dreaming Boy Studio.

    Note: No bird, even a bad one was hurt during the production of this game. By cons, all the cherries used for the production have been eaten at the end.

    Thanks for your support.
    05-16-2014 08:56 AM

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