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  1. nilatechdev's Avatar
    Hi All,
    We are proud to announce the release of its new game "Apple Hunt".
    Download it from play store: h**ps://

    [FREE] [GAME] [ARCADE] - Apple Hunt: Apple tree and the slingshot-applehunt1.png
    [FREE] [GAME] [ARCADE] - Apple Hunt: Apple tree and the slingshot-applehunt2.png

    The Scene:
    • You have an apple tree with 10 ripe apples
    • A slingshot, 5 stones and 2 minutes
    The Challenge:
    • Hit the apples using the slingshot to pick them
    • If you miss an apple then the stone is lost
    • You have to pick all apples before you run out of stones or run out of time
    The Fun:
    • Careful not to hit the birds and their nest
    • Careful not to hit explosives
    • Hit the golden apple and get instant +10
    • Hit the hourglass and freeze the timer
    The Uniqueness:
    • Create your own fun. Design Your own level using a level builder available in h**p:// and import them into your game to play it.
    Designed with multiple levels with varying complexity. Create your own levels for unlimited fun.

    Reviews and feedbacks appreciated.

    NilaTech Team
    Attached Thumbnails [FREE] [GAME] [ARCADE] - Apple Hunt: Apple tree and the slingshot-newtondroidapplehunt.gif  
    05-17-2014 09:44 PM
  2. STARGATE's Avatar
    Good luck with it! 🙋

    Sent From Another Galaxy
    07-03-2014 10:56 PM

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