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    Quran is a book of divine knowledge containing number of messages for Muslims from their Lord Allah. This book is not for recitation only and to place it in neat and clear area. Respect is one element but we also need to know what exactly it has for us. There is never too last to start something good, then why not starting knowing Quran with some of its Short Surahs. As these Surahs are easy to memorize and you can have better understanding about message enclose. There are number of Islamic apps, which contain information about these short Surahs of Quran one can be Last Ten Surahs which is developed by Quran Reading an organization, which comes forwards with good work every time for the Muslims around the world. The particular application is free to use along with all its features. You can use the link above to download this beautiful application.


    This beautiful application contains number of great features; some of them are as following;

    Transliterations of Verses – along with Arabic script, Transliterations for each verse is also available. This is to help in maintaining better flow while reading.

    Translation of Vesres – Along with transliterations you also have translation of each verse for better understanding about Quranic Verses. This is to help you in knowing messages enclosed in these divine words from Quran.

    Audio for Verses – Against each Surah audio is also available for better pronunciations. All these Surahs’ audio are recorded by expert recitals considering tajweed rules.

    Customization – Furthermore, you can also customize settings as per your preferences. You can select between transliteration, translation or both. You can change the colors used for background and foreground. Even more you can also adjust font size as per you requirements.
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