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    Yaseen Surah is a beautiful application being developed by Quran Reading, containing information about verses from the great Surah, The Heart of the Quran, Surah Yaseen. The application is easy to use as it provides you a friendly interface, which is easy to handle even for kids. The particular Surah subjecting number of topics, includes concept of the universe, method of destruction and construction and many more in a fewer verses. This application provided you information being subjecting through number of its features some of them are as following;


    Free to Use The application Surah Yaseen is free to use for all users containing all its features and without compromising on the quality.

    Transliterations All the verses provided in the application contains Arabic script and also their transliterations present very next to Arabic. This is to help users to have a good flow while ready, as Arabic is not easy for all to read with proper tajweed rules.

    Translation Furthermore, the translation of each verse is also available for better understanding as it is the key of knowledge.

    Audio over Verses The application also provides you an option to listen verses to get familiarity about pronunciation of verses of Surah Yaseen.

    Benefits and Blessings The application continues with second most important component regarding Surah Yaseen. Allah promises His creation to grant number of rewards in return of their good deeds. Similarly, recitation of Surah Yaseen is also a source of great rewards from Allah. This application provides you a list of benefits against recitation, collected after a huge research.
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