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    Salat is considered the most important act of Ibadat (worship) in Islam that is obligatory for every Muslim to perform five times a day. According to a accompany of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) came to him one day and asked him "What is the thing that ALLAH (SWT) loves most?" Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) replied "The thing that ALLAH (SWT) loves most is when his people pray Salah in time.

    In the light of above mentioned Hadith it is compulsory for every Muslim to offer Namaz (Islamic Prayer) with right method in right time.
    Therefore Step by Step Salat is the best Islamic app that provides complete guide and details about Salat. By installing this app user will be able to learn and perform Salat with Accurate method as described by the Holy Quran & Sunnah anywhere anytime.

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    Learn Salat or Islamic Prayer Download for Android


    English translation
    This means that each steps of Salat are defined with complete details in English.
    Arabic text with audio option
    This option provided with audio sound and text in Arabic. So with the help of this option user may easily listen the correct pronunciation of each step in Salat.
    Global Prayer Timer
    By this option user will be able to know the correct time of each prayer based on location anywhere in the world.
    Prayer Reminder
    It provides the setting of alarm/Reminder for prayer times. So you can set correct time for each prayer as Alarm.
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    Thank you. Thanks a lot.

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    Best apps.........
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