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    Orb Master - a FREE tools helping you to solve puzzle like PAD, Tower Of Savior

    Play Store: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.seasonworkstation.orbmaster
    QR Code:

    No matter you are newbie or expert, Orb Master is your friend when you facing difficult puzzle.
    Attention: this application requires ROOT permission, otherwise only the Trainer function can be used.

    Orb Master mainly provides FOUR functions:
    1. Trainer If you have no stamina in game, you can try to practice your puzzle solving skill using Trainer,
    2. Path Finding - Find a optimized path for you, with average 7 COMBO,
    3. Auto Moving - Clumsy with your hand? No problem, let it help you to move,
    4. Auto Stage Clear - Bored with easy stage clear? It helps you auto-clearing game stage.

    Supported Games
    We support FIVE hottest puzzle games including:
    1. 神魔之塔(Tower Of Savior)[Have exclusive function like question mark orb, auto skill triggering, and many other]
    2. 智龍迷城/龍族拼圖(Puzzle & Dragon)
    3. 逆轉三國(Against War)
    4. 童話迷蹤(Puzzle & Fairies)
    5. 中華英雄Puzzle

    Feature DetailsPath Finding
    1、Can find path with average 7 COMBO
    COMBO statistics
    5 combos: 5%
    6 combos: 35%
    7 combos: 40%
    8 combos: 10%
    other: 10%

    2、Offer different settings
    allow settings for different color like Single Attack, Multiple Attack, Priority, Keep...
    allow setting of Target number of COMBO
    allow setting Start Point of path
    we offer functions dealing with many features of Tower Of Savior,
    for example:
    question mark orb, erosion orb, puzzle shield, short moving time,
    2 orb clearing, Erosion.Rotate,main character skill, auto skill triggering...

    3、Switching between Online and Offline search
    Make use of server to raise path finding speed. [test function]

    4、Customization of search time and move limit

    5、Find path within a second

    6、Display of path
    let user see actual path
    user can solve puzzle by hand following the path

    7、Preview of move result
    Display puzzle preview if move following path found
    Display COMBO details, like color and count

    Feature DetailsAuto Moving
    1、After passing touch calibration test, you can then use this function

    2、Allow customization of auto moving time(for example: use 2 seconds to move)

    3、After path finding, then press Start button to auto-move

    Feature DetailsAuto Stage Clearing
    1、Totally auto stage clearing, Stop at stage end

    2、Provide vibration notification after stage clear

    3、Recognize HP bar (suitable for all supported games)
    If HP is lower than a target HP percentage, it auto increases chance for clearing Recovery orb

    4、Auto Skill Triggering (only suitable for Tower Of Savior)Test Function
    Auto detect whether skill can be triggered or not
    Can set Repeat or Trigger Once

    Feature DetailsTrainer
    1、Emulating Puzzle Game
    2、Provide modes for arranging orb position
    Use game screenshot to generate puzzle
    Manually setting orb position and color
    Randomly generate puzzle

    3、Allow customization of move time limit
    maximum of 20 seconds

    4、Offer THREE game modes

    5、Display time used for moving and COMBO count

    Please refer to User Guide in the application


    Play Store: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.seasonworkstation.orbmaster
    QR Code:
    05-22-2014 07:38 AM
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    Interesting idea. Thanks for sharing.
    05-22-2014 10:17 AM

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