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    Nimbus Note is powerful note-taker for Android. Nimbus Note allows gathering all the necessary information in one place, which means you will not need to spend a lot of time searching for it. Create text and photo notes, make TODO lists and synchronize it all with Nimbus Note for further viewing and editing on other devices.

    Main features:

    - Capture all your ideas with photo and text notes;
    - Offline access to your notes;
    - Use tags to label so that you can find your notes easily;
    - Create your TODO list for every note;
    - Protect your notes with lock screen;
    - Specify a location for every note on map;
    - Sync notes across everyones mobile devices and nimbus.everhelper.me

    [FREE] Nimbus Note --androideditor.jpeg
    [FREE] Nimbus Note --androidnote.jpeg
    [FREE] Nimbus Note --androidprotect.jpeg
    [FREE] Nimbus Note --androidtodo.jpeg
    05-26-2014 04:40 AM
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    We are happy to inform you that a new version of Nimbus Note for Android.

    What’s different:

    - More user-friendly design;
    - You can now create audio and video notes;
    - You can create TODO notes and checklists;
    - You can attach files to your notes;
    - More convenient TODO task management. You can create and edit new tasks right from the editor;
    - A highlight feature was added to the editor. Now you can highlight portions of text using a special marker. If you do not see the marker, just scroll across the format panel from right to left;
    - The editor changed drastically, becoming much faster and more convenient to use;
    - Autosave feature was added to the editor. When the autosave feature is enabled, all changes made will be saved automatically and will not be lost even if you exit the application;
    - Quick note panel widget;
    10-01-2014 08:32 AM

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