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    To remembering dates is always a big problem as there are number of event some religious and some related to our lives. It is easy to count 365 days of a year but difficult to remember even 36 dates of different events. To overcome these issue calendar always comes as a solution to remind all the important dates. We mostly have Gregorian calendar, which are being following by number of people, but we always miss about Hijri dates of different events, which are of great importance for Muslims. Islamic Calendar developed by Quran Reading is a beautiful application contains information not only Gregorian calendar but also Hijri dates.

    Number of salient features of this beautiful application is as following:

    Calendar Type Islamic Calendar, the name does not mean it will be all about Hijri calendar rather you have convenience of switching between two versions Hijri or Gregorian. Select you desire version and never miss important dates of your life.

    Date Converter The application provides you an option to swap between two different calendar versions as stated above. Similarly, if you want to check or to convert particular date you can do so using date converter.

    Islamic Events If you are interested to check dates for different Islamic event prior to the event then Islamic calendar is the best source to know that. The application provides you a list of events along with their expected Hijri dates as well as their Gregorian conversions.
    05-26-2014 06:09 AM

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