1. pachenkster's Avatar
    I don't know if anyone else has noticed as it's pretty much in the feature apps on app market. Layar 3.0 is out for 2.0. Tried it out. Could be useful. Couldn't get some things to work, but it's cool using the camera and seeing locations pop up. Check it out for yourself.
    12-09-2009 03:10 AM
  2. TreyDaPrince's Avatar
    Aww man, thanks for telling me this. I've been waiting for this app since I got the Droid. Installed it and it is awesome! Sooooo many things you can point out. Definitely one of my favorite apps now!
    12-09-2009 11:43 AM
  3. Roy Aguilera's Avatar
    Downloaded it but havent used it yet.
    12-09-2009 11:58 AM
  4. largeselection's Avatar
    Got it, not sure how often I'll use it. But the concept seems pretty sweet.
    12-11-2009 10:44 PM
  5. yfan's Avatar
    Can someone explain to me what Layar does, exactly? I mean what is its intended function? I read the description, but I didn't quite understand what is meant by a "Reality browser?"
    12-12-2009 04:01 AM
  6. Adiliyo's Avatar
    it overlays information in realtime using your camera as a viewport.

    so ie you search for pizza, and pizza places will pop up on the screen and you can follow the marker to them.

    if can also overlay other things such as images and graphics.

    it essentially augments reality, try it out it'll make more sense that way
    12-12-2009 11:06 AM