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    did you go for a walk or jogging and wanted to know how many miles you have already moved but it seemed an overkill to start google maps or something for that? Then this simple tool may be quite right for you: It announces (by speaking) once in a mile how many miles you already got behind you. You can get it here:


    The path is also visualized by stars so that you can see how it roughly looks like. After you finished the track you can send location points (in .gpx file and .csv-file) via email so that you have now the possibility to further analyze your track.
    Here are some screenshots for you:

    MilesCalls - it says how many miles you already got behind-screenshot_2014-05-18-19-23-42.png MilesCalls - it says how many miles you already got behind-screenshot_2014-05-29-16-36-35.png MilesCalls - it says how many miles you already got behind-screenshot_2014-05-29-16-36-46.png

    So try it out and have fun!
    06-01-2014 05:57 PM

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