1. Patrick Novak's Avatar
    I have a motorola droid 3 running 2.3.4. 2 years ago I found and installed a macro creating app. which i have since lost due to a verizon screw up. The app was perfect in it's simplicity and practicality.

    all i had to do was start the app, then proceed through the actions I wanted to record. when done with those actions, all i did was turn the recording application off and I had a secondary application that ran through the recorded strokes.

    Does anyone know of either this described app or something similar?? Please don't over-complicate this. I don't want a million bells and whistles that I need a manual to figure out and I don't want to 'root' my phone. I've looked at macrodroid, the toucher, auto tap, android bot maker.

    2 examples of what this did are: 1. I like to take notes for things that I want to know or do later, or capture certain information. So I created a script that brought up my email with my own email address already entered...simple. i would hit the icon, press the microphone icon, record whatever info i wanted to capture and hit send. Or if I wanted to transcribe a document into an editable word document, I could simply read it into my email, send it to my address then edit it in my email and save it.

    2. I don't like to keep my gps function on. I don't trust gps tracking and it kills my battery, so again I recorded the simple act of opening settings, turning on gps and closing settings. when I wanted to use maps or navigator, I could hit my gps icon first then navigator. when I'm done, i just hit the icon again and I've disabled gps....simple.

    Can anyone direct me to this app or help me find something similar??? With my memory these days, I'm lost without my automated email 'mini-app'. TIA
    06-02-2014 03:43 PM
  2. ardidito's Avatar
    AutomateIt if you're looking for something not-like-Tasker. If you haven't seriously checked out Tasker and the pre-made tasks/profiles you can find online, Id recommend it.
    06-04-2014 03:11 AM

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