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    Play store link
    This is a challenging game to refresh your mind.You have to multitask.It is like playing two games at once.Pick all the orange squares and avoid contact with green squares.Scoring above 100 is a tough task.You are going to enjoy this game.
    Overall this game is worth trying at least once.The video is automated to make it interruption free.

    How to play:
    1.Tap the left half of screen to move green platform and right half to move orange platform.
    2. Avoid green squares and catch orange squares.
    3. You would like to score more so go back and play again.
    Download this game here.


    Here are some screenshots
    Free Mutitask game : Avoid Green-2014-06-04-17_43_55-confused.pngFree Mutitask game : Avoid Green-2014-06-04-17_53_17-confused.png
    06-05-2014 08:25 AM
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    Thanks for sharing! 🙋

    Sent From Another Galaxy
    07-03-2014 10:38 PM

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