1. sniffs's Avatar
    I can see it now. The Google Market getting WORSE than it already is with tons and tons more garbage apps.

    I hope Google doesn't think Android is just a numbers game.. there has to be some quality somewhere.... The market is littered with junk, spam and garbage.. I just see Air as another way to add more of it.

    The easier you make something, the less thought process it takes to create an app and therefore quality goes out the window.
    10-11-2010 04:26 PM
  2. Smokexz's Avatar
    Exactly, we don't need more fart apps, however we still have them! It doesn't make sense why we are praising Adobe for doing sucha thing! I still got Adobe Air, if someone can make a decent app simply, then I am assuming they can make an amazing one, with great focus.

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    10-11-2010 07:07 PM