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    I would like to show you Aexol's new mobile app. Aexol is a company established in Eastern Poland specializing in mobile app development. With little funds and only a few programmers we arenot only trying to work our way up in Mobile App Stores but also entertain people and make the best possible mobile apps. Please consider our app for the review and you will not be disappointed.

    Are you ready for Bumpy Cars jet stunt racing mania ?
    Start your engines ...3...2...1... GO !!!

    Play one of the best real racing drift games for Android. Learn to control turbo fast mini cars and become nr 1 bumpy cars stunt driver . Choose your favourite sport stock car and start bumper racing challenge. Play in multiplayer Grand Prix mode or race your friends in hot seat mode up to 4 players.

    Practice before real acr racing vs computer opponents. Learn how to control turbo fast mini stunt cars and get ready for real racing challenge - hot seat and multiplayer racing modes.

    Race with up to 3 friends using one device. Drift your way to the top with your stunt car. Tap the number in one of display's coroner to drive matched mini jet car. Mini cars are speeding forward automatically with turbo fast pace, all you need to do is tap to drift and take turns.

    Use you drifting sport car to challenge players from all around the world. Race them in a grand prix series and win points in global ranking. Who's going to be the best mini jet car stunt driver ?

    What are you waiting for driver? Jump into your micro racing sport car and let's start Bumpy Cars drift racing !
    GO GO GO !!!


    [free][android][app] Bumpy Cars-unnamed.png
    06-06-2014 04:28 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing, and good luck!
    06-09-2014 12:34 AM
  3. dangerouspea's Avatar
    have you guys checked it out? i would like to know what do you think about my game! ) pros . cons?
    06-16-2014 03:39 AM

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