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    okay first of all I love firefox and have been using it for years. the suggestion I have for the mobile version is that when you zoom in have the paragraphs scrunch together like in the native browser so that you don't have to scroll across the screen constantly to read. that is the sole feature that is keeping me on the native browser. secondly, I don't know if it is just me but when using swype the keyboard doesn't always come up when you go to enter in text. if it initially comes up and you accidentally click out of it it is extremely frustrating to try to get it to come back up. For example while trying to type this i got half way through and couldn't finish because the keyboard problem was so frustrating, on top of that it accidentally posted and i had to come to my comp to edit it. Other than that it works smooth on verizon samsung fascinate, running launcher pro (touchwiz doesn't seem as snappy so idk if that would effect browser performance)

    keep it up


    *EDIT As far as speed goes both the native and firefox seem to be the same, only difference i can see is the native shows what it has loaded so far while firefox just leaves the screen blank until it loads it completely. Both seem to take the same time, the only thing that is slower is starting up firefox
    10-11-2010 11:32 PM