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    Arcade and puzzle games firmly settled in our lives. It is understandable, these games are very easy to play because of their overall simplicity and unpretentiousness. However, there are instances of the opposite. At first glance they seem to be as simple, but it's worth a couple of levels to pass and "rushed", we have to puzzle over, at times, obvious solutions. It refers to such games and game «Touch The Bomb» from developer «CEGames».

    Platform: Android
    Version: 4.0
    Requirements: Android 2.0 +
    Category: Arcade, Puzzle
    Cost: Free

    So, «Touch The Bomb» player acts as a wise penguin governing small group for those not born to the flight of birds . It all begins when near their habitats plane drops big boxes with material aid. This tells us little introductory video . And everything seems to be nothing but boxes were incredibly difficult , and move them from place small penguins appeared impossible . And here comes into play our hero . Little thought, he realized that you can move any boxes ( or indeed anything, for that matter) , exploding nearby dynamite . No sooner said than done . Distributing a couple of his players on the saber , he proceeded to a safe distance transportation. One unclear where the penguins dynamite ? Probably from careless fishermen stayed

    Well , let's start . After selecting the level noted above and viewing the video , we begin , in fact, play . Here we have the coveted Supply Crate and several penguins with dynamite . Our task - to move this same box to the hole in the bottom of the game screen. And if you have contrived to simultaneously collect spilled candy and asterisks - the better. To do this, we explode penguins. Explosive power is regulated duration clicking on the penguin with his sword . On the way from the box periodically obstacles arise , like sparkling spheres or electrical discharges , so deliver it to the destination , often incredibly difficult. And in some levels and at all there are additional bonuses that you need to collect before the time expires .

    In short , «Touch The Bomb» - something entirely new in the genre of puzzles based on physics. Unique game mechanics makes penguins blow again and again , until finally , a box reaches long-sought goal . This simple at first glance , but very complicated in fact, this game is its long and addictive. A beautiful graphics, spectacular effects , funny characters and nice music make the game to get maximum pleasure. Overall, worth a try. By the way, in the near future game gets not only to devices based on Android OS, but also for other mobile platform too.

    Key features:
    • This simple at first glance , but very complicated in fact
    • Funny characters
    • Beautiful graphics
    • Nice music
    • Free updates with new levels and animations
    06-11-2014 04:31 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central, and thanks for the link!
    06-11-2014 12:05 PM

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