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    Not sure if this is the correct forum or not, so I apologize up front it not.

    Anyway, I had animated weather, which I love, then I decided to install launcherpro plus and that wankered up my animated weather. It loads, but when I try and add a city, it never finds the city. If I disabled launcherpro plus and the animated weather works just fine. Also, when trying to place the animated weather widget on, that goes just far enough "off screen" where you can't drag it, but that's useless anyway since it doesn't work.

    What I'm wondering is if any of you have had this problem or heard of this, etc...

    I have emailed animated weather and posted a post on the launcherpro site about this issue as well, but it never hurts to get more eyes on a subject to get problems figured out.

    Thanks in advance,
    10-13-2010 09:06 AM
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    BTW, this is the animated weather program, jic you may have thought I was talking about any generic animated radar weather program.

    Animated Weather Android - Best Weather Widget App for Android Phones
    10-13-2010 11:36 AM
  3. stolzyboy's Avatar
    No one with similar issues? Crazy. Oh well, just using weatherbug for now until I get a response from one of the developers with some fixes hopefully.
    10-14-2010 04:07 PM
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    I've been using Beautiful Widgets Home Weather (large) and it works just fine with LP+. However, the animated weather feature over my home screen (supposed to activate when the X is unlocked) recently stopped working. I've not had a problem with this before, but I hadn't thought of Launcher Pro (+) being the problem. There is a note from the developer on his website saying if problems with LP, make sure the "allow scrollable widgets" option is checked in LP options/settings. Maybe this will help both of us????
    11-19-2010 11:52 AM
  5. Arelunde's Avatar
    Checked my LP settings and I DO have the "allow scrollable widgets" checked. So, I guess it's the LP itself that interferes. Too bad. I really liked that feature. Guess it's a choice between LP+ and the home screen animation.
    11-19-2010 12:03 PM