1. pmdied's Avatar
    I've looked hi and lo, tried multiple apps but can't find any app that has the complete integration like Agendus did, and since they're sitting on the fence about developing Agendus for Android I am getting desperate for something thst better integrates contacts, tasks, calendar and phone. Some of the apps (ultra notes) is decent but has its limitations. Astrid was OK but didn't link or provide a history to the individuals' file. The phone app doesn't have a option to assign tasks or a completed task history linkage to or even a memo or notes option at the item bar at bottom. The "updates and events" icon is deceiving and useless to me as I could care less about what they are doing on Facebook. I wish there was a hack to change that icon into and updates and events list/profile thal allowed me to enter specific activities (such as tasks, todos and memos) instead.
    Can anyone make a suggestion or is this just a case of the fact that Android is a new device/OS and new apps will start rolling out to address the needs of someone like my self?
    I am a Realtor and Palm OS with Agendus and Top Producer app wasm outstanding for my needs but the devices are EOL and becoming functionally obsolete but I need the PIM capabilities combined with Androids awesome operating capabilities. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    12-10-2009 12:10 PM
  2. the_wildcard's Avatar
    Agreed, the PIM portion of the Droid is quite undeveloped compared to other phones. Hopefully with the rollout of the phone in Europe and also with Android 2.0 OS source code, somebody will release a better app.
    12-13-2009 03:12 AM
  3. pmdied's Avatar
    Thanks wildcard. Palm was the same way when they started out and apps slowly were developed (and so expensive?!) The android apps are rolling out so fast and cheap which is encouraging. There is one app I found that looked perfect but turned out to be a "dead' app that only opened a browser page to an irrelevant site.
    Have you seen any database-type apps or the like?
    12-13-2009 08:02 AM