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    Getting married in a week and too cheap to spring for the 500 -1000 any DJ wants in this area. The wedding and reception are in the same venue which is wired for sound. Was going to hook a laptop up to the reciever and just play music off the laptop through the speakers there. But does someone really need to stand in the closet where the recieve/laptop are to start the bridal march or the precessional?? Hmm....this is where i found winamp remote - much like Gmote it allows you to control your winamp playlist while connected to the same network. Cool we just need wifi or a wireless network at the venue - for what we are paying they should have it right? - wrong - not even a network to hook a router up to. Hmmm.... what to do now...

    So tonight I'm thinking..."hey why not create my own network with my 3g hotspot feature" - I'm on Verizon and not paying for this feature yet on my incredible - or so I think. Turn on hotspot - turn on the winamp remote android server on the laptop - determine the laptop's local internal IP - config the winamp remote on phone and volia!!!! Someone can stand at the back of the room with my phone and press a button to control whatever and whenever a song starts.

    With all the tablets coming out I wonder how to create an app that would let people on the same network vote on a song to play and then play it. Stick a tablet at each table if you will.... the poor man's version of the MS Surface features at the Hard Rock in Vegas.

    I will one day have an android tablet to control all my home entertainment needs - ohh wait.... maybe that's googleTV although I guess that's another post for another day....

    For those searching for the winamp remote

    www.van-kampen.nl: Android Development
    10-13-2010 09:43 PM