1. cr3amy's Avatar
    In the older days of Toggle Settings, you could put Apps and Services onto an Auto-Kill list. Now with Advanced Task Killer, it wants to decide what to kill for me. Kind of annoying.

    For example, the AndroidCentral app keeps starting itself, as does the Photobucket app that I can't uninstall from my G2.

    Any idea if there's a task killer out there that could help me?
    10-15-2010 03:07 AM
  2. kinster02's Avatar
    You have Android 2.2 aka Froyo and most task killers are null and void...so even if you have one running and you kill a task froyo will start it right back up.

    Even if you manually force close programs in the setting it will start back up...it wants to manage closing programs on its own.

    I since got rid of my task killer and don't notice a difference in battery life.

    Try to find a task killer that work specifically for froyo if you can find one.
    10-15-2010 04:49 AM