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    Brain Smash is - unlike it's title indicates - very simple game to play. Available in Google PlayStore and Opera Mobile Store

    Tapping in each puzzle dazzles different brain centers:
    - Numbers: smallest to biggest
    - Letters: A to Z in alphabet order
    - Objects (available in full version): from smallest to biggest
    - Colours (available in full version): from darkest to lightest

    Games have 4 starting levels. There are total of 7 difficulty levels.
    You have to tap tiles in each round. If you tap wrong tile according to the order, your remaining time shortens a bit. Available time is shorter as level is higher.

    If the time is out before you have tapped all tiles, you lose one life. You have 3 lives per game. When all lives are spent, the game is over.

    You get score for each tile pressed in correct order, for unused time per each round and for finishing the round.

    You get negative score if you press wrong tile.

    Score rate gets increased with the level. And game level will also be automatically increased at certain score.

    At the end of each game, you can share your score through any services your device supports.

    Enjoy and have fun! Any feedback is greatly appreciated!!!

    06-24-2014 12:14 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Thanks for the link.
    06-25-2014 03:54 AM
  3. RobiB's Avatar
    Thank you B. Diddy! It seems like a really awesome forum. And thank you for checking the link.
    06-25-2014 09:01 AM

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