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    This may be a waste of time since they are both made by the same dev, but I wanted to know the differences between EvolveSMS and Sliding Messaging.
    Is it worth it to pay the 1.99 for Sliding SMS and get the 0.99 extras pack (if any good) or to get EvolveSMS free and buy either/or the customization or features pack for 0.99 each. IS one faster than the other? Does one have better themes? I prefer dark to save battery. Does one let you put a call button at the top of the screen so you don't have to tap the contact and then call? Does one let you change the profile bubble of the contact? Additional customization difference and pros and cons? Does the archive feature actually make the app faster? Does one let you push notifications and a preview to the lock screen of the phone to view a short text without unlocking and opening the app? (I don't have a password, and I like how the stock Samsung Galaxy S4 app lets you have this preview and new message notification on the lock screen and I was wondering if one of these did the same). I am excited to try out the push bullet desktop program with one of these so I was looking for advice on the better app. Also, I downloaded EvolveSMS and tried it out, but could not get my MMS settings on the proper server, so when someone tried to send me a picture it haulted all of my messages for over an hour (I could send but not receive). So I was wondering if anybody knew which MMS setting to choose for AT&T on Samsung Galaxy S4 in the United States, that would be a big help. Thanks in advance to anyone who looks at this!
    06-30-2014 04:05 PM

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