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    I've been using Astro Player for a while, but I've got some serious issues with the latest version(s), so I want to switch. That app had some features that I'm not sure I'll find in another podcast app. Any suggestions?

    1. Ability to download all my subscriptions to specific folders. (e.g. -- have all my "tech news" podcasts download to the same folder).
    2. MP4 video playback support.
    3. Support for multiple manual bookmarks (because I've had mixed results with auto-bookmarking).
    4. Customizable buttons on the player. So I can have a "10 second reverse" button over here, a "1 minute forward" button over there, whatever I'd like.
    5. Decent "long press" support, so I can quickly do things like delete a podcast file, sort a playlist, etc.
    6. Support for adjustable playback speed.
    7. Ability to import from Feedly.
    8. Playback ANY local media file, not just what's been downloaded from my feeds.

    There may not be a perfect choice, but is there something that comes close?
    07-02-2014 03:08 PM

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