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    4x4 Operations Army Base 2014


    1. The game 4x4 Operations in secret Army Base in between the mountains is of its own type.It has 9 real life missions.Missions are basically to take the 4x4 jeep to the parking points.Directions are given.The missions are in military base in between the mountains.Realistic environment.Use have only 2 minutes to take the car to the spot.If user fails the mission he have to try again.
    2. Main features of 4x4 Operations Army Base 2014.
    3. Real 4x4 driving simulation.
    4. Heavy tyre physics.
    5. Steering wheel simulation from your thumb.
    6. Realistic driving
    7. Real environment army base
    8. Simulation of grass and bushes and trees the wave with air
    Attached Thumbnails 4x4 Operations Army Base 2014 - Android 3D Game-screenshot_1.png   4x4 Operations Army Base 2014 - Android 3D Game-screenshot_2.png   4x4 Operations Army Base 2014 - Android 3D Game-screenshot_3.png  
    07-03-2014 04:20 PM

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