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    I recently got a Samsung Captivate (Android 2.1) to replace my aging phone. My experience with Android has been great so far, with one major gripe: media playing. The stock Music/Video players seem lacking in features and adequate performance for me, and they don't allow me to manage my media files the way I want to.

    I would prefer to just copy over any mp3 music files in ID3v2.4 format and have the tags and album art read properly. As it stands right now, I have to convert everything I move on my phone to ID3v2.3 beforehand, which is a hassle and still doesn't recognize everything (I'm not sure if the ID3 tag thing is an app specific issue or an Android one that could feasibly be resolved by updating to Froyo/Gingerbread/Hot Fudge Sundae/etc...any insight into that would be appreciated). I also tend to sort my music by Album Artist, since I have a bunch of "Various Artists" albums that I don't want to be separated into a dozen different artist groups; this isn't doable in Music Player. As far as playing music on the go/on my car stereo, I like to crank the bass up and be able to set ratings for new albums that I'm listening to; Music Player has no ratings, an has annoying habit of turning off the Bass Enhancement Effect after awhile (I imagine this has to do with me unplugging from the headphone jack, but it'd be nice for the music player to put the bass back on when I plug headphones back in).

    I know there have been MANY threads on the subject, but I thought I would posit this question again: What are some great music players that support these options? I know there are a few different music players out there for Android, but I honestly can't find anything about them and would prefer not shelling out ~$4 a pop without hearing some in-depth user thoughts and opinions on them.

    If the above stuff was kinda long, here's the Cliff Notes version of things that I'm looking for in a Music Player:
    • Full ID3v2.4 tag reading (Including embedded album art, ALBUM ARTIST/BAND and LYRICS tags)
    • Album Artist sort option/Sorting by custom tag fields
    • Ability to set Ratings (writing it to RATING tags would be sweet too)
    • Sound Effect settings that stay on permanently

    Other nice things to have:
    • Support for importing playlists, maybe in .m3u format
    • Landscape view resembling more like iTunes Cover Flow (Yes, yes, it's complete heresy, but it looks better than the CD print thing in Music Player, which is just dorky)
    • Bass output support for Bluetooth headphones
    • Decent album art displaying (None of that pixelated 300x300 nonsense)

    Thanks a bunch!
    10-20-2010 01:43 PM
  2. GlueFactoryBJJ's Avatar
    Try the s3 player. I don't know if it will meet your needs, but its the best I've found so far...

    10-24-2010 11:54 PM