1. SeeK's Avatar
    I'm confused as to why an Android app may work flawlessly on some devices, and less so on others. I was under the impression that Android runs on a virtual machine between itself and the device hardware. Shouldn't this make each device more or less identical from the operating system's point of view?

    This is something that'll have to change, as this is a kind of fragmentation that I certainly do not like. I've not run into any apps not working on my own phone, but take all the upset Galaxy S users that can't use Skype. That's... yeah.
    10-21-2010 01:17 AM
  2. takeshi's Avatar
    I can't say for certain but I don't think there's the level of hardware abstraction that you're thinking of with Android. Otherwise we wouldn't have to wait for builds specific to a certain device each time there's a newer version of Android.
    10-21-2010 08:19 AM