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    Ok, found Youlu address book and decided to give it a try. I was afraid that since it's from Youlu Co. Ltd and I'm guessing China (don't kill me if it's another country, I'm not very good at guessing), that a lot of it would not be understandable to me and maybe not in a format that I would like, but it looked like a good promise and what the heck, it's free. Boy was I surprised.

    First of all, use the widget, it will give you fast access to all the features that make it a great program. Icon for the dialer (more later), one for the address book, one for your favorites (with pictures no less) and one for your call log.

    The Dialer, start typing a number and it searches for the number, the letter in your contacts and log. Very handy. The dial pad is flt and could use a little texture to it, but it's still a very good dialer within the app and can be set to be the default view upon launch.

    The Address Book, is nice in that it has the alphabet down the right side and as you slide your finger up or down the letter pops up on the screen to let you know where you're at. I miss that from BB days and I'm glad someone put it in their app. It does pictures and you can get to all the functions from the list. Also when you edit, it takes you to the default edit screen for the phone.

    The call log did give me an FC when I picked a multi-entry number and I've sent in a report and will follow up with the Dev on that one. However, on single entry, it brings up the log for that number and allows you to call or text that number plus some other options for copy, etc.

    The Favorites is my favorite! Pun intended. It stacks your favorite numbers as a picture and can be arranged in any order you wish just by press and hold on the number and then move it to where you want it in the order of things. When you choose a favorite, it brings up a nice screen with your choice of call, text or remove the favorite. Pretty standard, but done in a nice visual way.

    Ok, I'm on the first full day of using it, so hopefully it lives up the report I've made and I'm looking forward to finding out. For now it's doing the job of three apps for me which is not a bad thing. Cleans up my screen and gives me a consistent interface for all three functions.

    Give it a shot, I think you'll like it.
    10-21-2010 06:50 AM