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    Hi All,

    Congrats to all the winners of the recent roboPrint contest here on Android Central. Your feedback was very helpful to us and we appreciate the effort.

    Now for more good news. roboPrint V2 is on the way and here is the feature list:

    Totally new Windows Host. All you will do now is logon to the new RoboPrint Cloud Network Service and all your printers will show up on your Android (or WP7) phone. No more port hassles, no more firewall setup.

    Share your printers with your friends! Want to lets fellow RoboPrint user print on your printers? No problem, simply add their roboPrint username to the list of Authorized users for a particular host... when you want to remove it, just delete it.

    See ALL your printers at each location, for each Host you setup, you will automatically get a new profile on your phone with ALL the printers, including the current default printer. Want to print to a different one, go right ahead.

    Send your print jobs no matter where you are, even if your network is offline! The RoboPrint Cloud Network Service will queue up your print jobs and print them when your printers come back online, or you can cancel them

    eFax- Send and Receive fax to your phone. You will need an eFax account, but once you have this, you can send a fax or receive one in seconds. And they said fax was dead...

    Last but hardly least... in partnership with Epson Printers, RoboPrint V2 will support direct printing over WiFi to any Epson printer.

    Look for this release very soon.

    As always follow us on Twitter for the latest releases and updates @blueplanetapps

    Happy Android Days.

    Jason Braverman
    Blue Planet Apps, Inc.
    Blue Planet Apps
    10-21-2010 04:49 PM