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    Hi all,

    We're developing a small completely free application named aMetro.
    Our project site: www.ametro.org
    It shows the maps of transit systems all over the world in OFFLINE subways, buses, trains, and other. You can find the right route between stations and estimate travel time (of course, if map contains appropriate data about travel time between stations).

    As data source we're using a collection of maps from pMetro project (it's a desktop application for Win32 systems on Russian language, you can download it from pmetro.su). It is a very detailed maps collection of Russian cities, but also contains not-perfect (but still useful) maps of the biggest cities all over the world.

    Current features are:
    • Offline transit system maps of about 180 cities (with different details, of course)
    • View maps for other kinds of transportation.
    • Zoom maps.
    • Find the shortest route between stations.
    • Support multilanguage interface.
    • Update maps automatically.
    • Find the nearest station (currently for Moscow and St. Petersburg only).

    Nearest future plans:
    • Get information about stations.
    • Zoom with multitouch.
    • Select station (and create routes) by touching map.

    We need help with translation our application from russian+english to other languages. Also, we need help with data collection and map fixing.
    Your help will be highly appreciated!

    Contact us via this site or our email contacts@ametro.org
    10-22-2010 11:34 AM