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    [APP][2.3+]Alissa - Coupons, Deals & More-google-play-cover-15042014.jpg

    Hello everyone,

    We have been working on our coupon and deals app for a while now. Our goal is to create a non intrusive way of informing the users of our app about coupons, discounts, daydeals and sales. We'd like to share the results of our efforts with you, and we would like to learn from your constructive feedback. But first let me tell you more about our app:

    What does Your app do?
    Our app notificies users when coupons or promotions are available for the website they visit. Furthermore the users have the option to view lists of all available coupons, deals and daydeals.

    There are already many coupon deals apps, what makes yours special?
    Most apps require scrolling thru lists to find deals and coupons. In our app, the user has to do nothing like that. (although they can if they want) When the user visits e.g. Amazon.com they will get a notification in their browser in case deals are available. It will save the users time and money, no more searching forums, facebook or other sources to find coupons for your purchases.


    [APP][2.3+]Alissa - Coupons, Deals & More-us-1-notification.jpg
    [APP][2.3+]Alissa - Coupons, Deals & More-us-2-all_deals.jpg
    [APP][2.3+]Alissa - Coupons, Deals & More-us-5-individual.jpg

    Project Status
    Over time We have gathered over 500k deals of 8000+ stores in 100+ countries. At average there are 175K active deals.
    The application is (soft)launched in the Google play market.

    Although the app is fully operational and launched, there are still a issues to be solved

    - Some screens have to be redesigned, as the quality of the supplied images is not always good, some offers may have low res logos or images. Especially on the logos we need to find a solution to replace the ones supplied with higher quality, this will be also key for the version for bigger screens
    - A tablet version will be essential, but as mentioned above there are some issues to resolve
    - Implement more social features, login, share, reviews, likes and others

    The application can be downloaded from Google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...id=mobi.alissa

    Please check the app and let us know your feedback. All constructive feedback is appreciated and will be helpful for the improvement of our application. Thanks in advance!
    07-21-2014 04:54 PM
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    Thanks for the link and the info!
    07-21-2014 05:29 PM
  3. Fonzzzie's Avatar
    No problem.

    Please also note the app currently only works with the android stock browser, and Google Chrome browser. Other browsers might be added at a later stage. Also daily deals are not added for all countries yet, these will be implemented in the coming time..

    Check out the app, and if you like it review and rate it. If you don't like it, let us know why so we can review and adjust the app where needed.
    07-21-2014 05:53 PM
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    Hey Guys and Girls, hereby an update on our coupon/deals app. We have implemented improvements on the UX/UI. (Re-)moved a redundant menu item, and placed it in a more appropriate place. And we have colorcoded the type of deals, in the coupon/deals list views, but also in the menu.

    Check the old and new menu below, and let us know your feedback.


    [APP][2.3+]Alissa - Coupons, Deals & More-screenshot_2014-07-27-00-26-13.png


    [APP][2.3+]Alissa - Coupons, Deals & More-screenshot_2014-07-27-00-41-34.png
    07-28-2014 04:45 PM
  5. Fonzzzie's Avatar
    oops, double post
    07-28-2014 04:50 PM

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