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    This is our first release and something we are very proud to share with the community, we hope you enjoy and if you like the app, please share

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    Obtain an investors edge by using "Stocks Plus" , the must have stock market tracking and info app brought to you by Literato Labs LLC. No more costly pricing errors, downtime or other problematic events. By using our simple yet highly efficient stock app, you'll have the correct information that provides you with the best opportunity to be on the winning side of the trade. Safely track all major averages, individual stock prices, commodities and much more. You'll have everything you need to make the best decisions possible.

    "Stocks Plus" also gives you the opportunity to customize your app allowing numerous individual features best suited to your own needs. Features include rapid streaming stock data via Wi-Fi, shared portfolio information and individual stock news provided by the Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones, just to name a few. Create your own portfolio tracking system, and if you like, your portfolio data can be accessed on as many devices as you wish via Google Drive. No more difficult steps involved. Work like a pro with "Stocks Plus". Anyone can do it!

    "Stocks Plus" offers the following features:
    * Chart plotting
    * Major markets
    * Commodities
    * Social sharing
    * Google Drive integration
    * Market news
    * Sort stocks by gain/loss, market value, p/e ratio etc.

    [APP] [FREE] Stocks Plus Financial Tracker-stocksplus1.jpg [APP] [FREE] Stocks Plus Financial Tracker-stocksplus2.jpg [APP] [FREE] Stocks Plus Financial Tracker-stocksplus3.jpg
    07-22-2014 08:49 PM

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