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    My name is Minal Parekh Nygårds and I have just released - Ahagame - which is a free level climbing game that I have developed. Ahagame has many features and it includes several game types. I would be very greateful for reveiews and feedback.

    The games involve walking in mazes, shooting down objects, bouncing balls and solving problems.
    Each set of games are randomly selected and when a user succeeds with a full set of games - it is allowed to climb a level. The higher up - the more difficult it gets.

    I have loved developing it - and many more features is on the way. Hope some of you who read this, will try and if you like it - I hope you will spread it.
    :-) Minal
    07-23-2014 10:33 AM
  2. AndroidMPN's Avatar
    07-23-2014 10:37 AM
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    Thanks for sharing. It is pretty hard.

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    07-23-2014 11:22 AM

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