1. Amjad Moin's Avatar

    Many of you out there are probably developers hitting the Google Play Store & many of you are already up on it and rolling.

    Lets talk about both the ends, if you are on the Google Play Store, what have you done? & if you have recently hit it, how far have you come in it?
    Also what do you think can help the devs { } to give their games or apps a good rating and eventually good downloads.

    Personally, we have started our venture on the Google Play Store, and have a few games on and running, do give them a visit and if you rate and give us an honest feedback on it, Nothing better !!

    Lets talk "Android Games"-screen-shot-2014-07-24-12.34.50-am.png

    (inappropriate link removed)

    Team Volf Studios !
    07-24-2014 04:18 AM
  2. springning's Avatar
    i just bought a jxd s5800 game console, the android game is very awesome, i like it.
    07-24-2014 06:07 AM
  3. Amjad Moin's Avatar

    Thanx for the feedback, here the links to some of our other games, hope you like these too, One thing, Please do rate & give us a review. We will be much obliged!

    Little Girl Eye Makeup
    Lets talk "Android Games"-cv.jpg
    (inappropriate link removed)

    Little baby pet care
    Lets talk "Android Games"-splash_screen.png
    (inappropriate link removed)

    Check out more of our games on Google Play Store.
    Find us - volfstudios

    Team Volf Studios
    07-25-2014 03:59 AM
  4. Amjad Moin's Avatar
    Thanx Springning,

    Here is the link to our latest game on the Google Play Store. Do check it out as well.

    Lets talk "Android Games"-splash_screen.png

    (inappropriate link removed)

    Do find us on Google Play Store, & check out the rest of our interesting games there for you. The one thing we would appreciate the most is your RATING & FEEDBACK on the play store.

    Thanx once again
    Team Volf Studios
    07-25-2014 06:03 AM

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