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    Hi All,

    Our team developed a new photosharing app that makes sharing pictures taken at events, concerts and wedding much easier. There are two main advantages of using PicShake. Firstly, we shift the responsibility of uploading pictures from single person, to the entire group by allowing everyone to upload their pictures to the same album. Secondly, we eliminate the need to get everyone's contact information by using geotagging and password encryption.

    When you are at large events, you tend not to know everyone in your group and the methods we use today to share these pictures require you to have everybody's contact information of some form. With PicShake, we use your location and a password to determine whether or not you are a part of the group or not.

    A real life example of this app would be if you are at a concert for instance, everyone can upload pictures with a tag. Every picture tagged with the same password gets added to the same album, so now you and your friends can all contribute to one unified album. There is also no need to get everyone's contact information, as a password and your location is enough to grant you access to the album. Incase you want things to go public, tagging an album with a '#' password will open the album to everyone around you, so everyone can see what is trending.

    This app is completely free with no ads. It is simply a passion project that we decided to take on. We would love and appreciate your support. We are always looking to improve what we have, so please do not hesitate to leave any feedback you have for us.


    Attached Thumbnails PicShake - PhotoSharing App (Plz review and I will review yours!)-p11.png   PicShake - PhotoSharing App (Plz review and I will review yours!)-p12.png  
    07-24-2014 10:17 PM
  2. Andre03's Avatar
    Leave your app links in the comments and I will download and review them as you review mine. Its a good way to help each other out
    07-24-2014 10:19 PM

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